Martha Delgado

Martha Delgado has served as the Secretary of the Environment for Mexico City since 2006.  She is responsible for setting up the City’s Climate Action Plan under the direction of Mayor Marcelo Ebrard. This Plan undertakes specific actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the ultimate goal of making Mexico City the greenest city in Latin America.

Mrs. Delgado has spent twenty years working in leadership positions dedicated to promoting sustainable development and civic responsibility, including the Unión de Grupos Ambientalistas, the Instituto Nacional de Ecología, and the Organization Presencia Ciudadana Mexicana.  She is responsible for developing and implementing the Non-Motorized Transportation Program, which promotes the use of bicycles as sustainable and suitable means of transportation.  She was the General Coordinator of the Green Consultancy, an unprecedented exercise through which the city government asked for citizen’s opinions about the necessary changes to environmental, transportation, and natural resources usage policies.

She holds a BA in education with a specialization in environmental and civic education. She has obtained Diplomas in Management and Analysis of Environmental Policies, as well as Funding and Institutional Development of Non-Profit Organizations.  She is also a Fellow in the Advanced Studies Program for Sustainable Development and the Environment of the Colegio de Mexico.